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Bernards Ensemble Benefit Concert 2021
Bernards Ensemble

Bernards Ensemble Benefit Concert 2021

This benefit concert and fundraiser is directed towards our close partners, the Arc of Somerset ( gofundme link: Bernards Ensemble homepage: Introduction by Karen Kowalski, Director of Adult Service at the Arc of Somerset (00:00) Opening Remarks by Philip Choi (00:34) When the Saints Go Marching In by L. Armstrong (02:56) Down By the Riverside (Traditional) Philip choi (Trumpet), Jordan Guzzi (Trombone), Joseph Forzani (Saxophone), Ryan Hargy (Bass), Beckett Diehl (Drum) Toccata by A. Khachaturian (08:03) Jason Lee (Piano) Libertango by A. Piazzolla (13:07) Minji Kim (Violin), Joie Kuo (Cello), Adrian Kim (Piano) Arioso from Cantata BWV 156 by J. S. Bach (15:50) Sungjun Jo (Violin), David Yi, Ethan Hong (Cellos) Cinema Paradiso Medley by E. Morricone (20:48) Minji Kim, Katherine Zhou, Sungjun Jo, Hyunsu Lim, Angelina Yang, Darren Jia (Violins), Alexander Moon, Joie Kuo, Ethan Hong, David Yi (Cellos) Moon River from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ by H. Mancini (24:42) Ashley Kwon (Trumpet) The Rose Song from ‘High School Musical:The Musical:The Series’ by O. Rodrigo (28:48) Stephanie Kwon (Voice) Canon in the style of Jazz by J. S. Bach (32:13) Michael Pack , Joseph Cho (Pianos) Nocturne No.1 in A Minor by F. Burgmüller (36:04) Philip Kim (Guitar), Alexander Moon (Cello) The Second Waltz from Jazz Suite No.2 by D. Shostakovich (39:50) Joie Kuo, David Yi, Ethan Hong, Alexander Moon (Cellos) The Bare Necessities from ‘The Jungle Book’ by T. Gilkyson (44:38) The Bernards Ensemble Closing Remarks by Alexander Moon (47:12) Video edited by: Noah Choi
Bernards Ensemble Family Concert 2021 - Peer Gynt Suite No.1, Op.46, III. Anitra’s Dance by E. Grieg